Touch For Health Kinesiology Classes

Touch For Health Kinesiology Class - Level 3
Touch For Health Kinesiology Class - Level 2

The Touch For Health series of classes is the original instructional format which first brought the integration of eastern and western medical concepts into public awareness. Touch for Health (TFH) is taught in over 55 countries and has been the foundation from which dozens of cutting edge therapies have been birthed. For a comprehensive broad spectrum understanding of energy medicine enroll now for our next scheduled class or contact Touchpoint Therapy, LLC to arrange for a class in your area. 

Register early for each class (at least two weeks prior to class time) and receive a $50 discount! or pay for all four levels at once and receive a $300 special discount!

​​Touch for Health Kinesiology Class Level 4 - The final class in the TFH series combines the techniques learned to relieve emotional, nutritional and physical stress held within the posture. We learn the basic understanding and use of the acupressure holding points. Sound is used to balance the system in this class. Recovery from jet lag, and Figure Eight energy are just a couple of the extra techniques covered. At the completion of all four levels of class a student will have the prerequisite skills to progress to higher levels of Kinesiology studies or be able to incorporate these techniques into their life and/or work. There are dozens of modalities that have developed over the years using Energy Kinesiology. Almost without exception these techniques had their origins from TFH. The understanding gained from these classes opens up new insights into how our bodies function and how we can assist and improve that function with safe, noninvasive techniques. The 370-page class book, “Touch For Health, the complete edition” by John Thie & Matthew included.  

​             TBD       8:30 am - 5:30 pm     Durango, CO       (16 CE's available)

Touch for Health Kinesiology Class Level 2 - In this class we learn how to balance the body’s meridians by using a “One Point” correction, which is a great time saver. We also learn how to test another 14 muscles, one from each meridian. Meridians can be “under” or “over” energized and we learn to find and balance each of these. Another powerful tool is the ability to accurately test different foods to determine if they are increasing, decreasing, or have a neutral effect on your body’s energy. There are also many other varied and helpful techniques covered. The 370-page class book, “Touch For Health, the complete edition” by John Thie & Matthew included.    

             TBD        8:30 am - 5:30 pm     Durango, CO       (16 CE's available)

Touch For Health Kinesiology Class - Level 1

​Touch For Health Kinesiology classes are $350 per class OR $300 per class if payment is received at least two weeks prior to class time. There is a savings if all four classes are paid at once.  A second (immediate) family member may attend the 2-day class for Half price.

Returning students may retake a class for half price.

16 CE's (Continuing Education contact hours) are available for Nurses (RN and LPN), Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers (NCBTMB), The National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) as well as for Acupuncturists and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM®).

16 CE's / 16 hours per class level

​Touch for Health Kinesiology Class Level 3 - The third class incorporates another 14 muscles bringing the total to 42. We learn how to balance the body using color and emotions. The effect of our emotions is much more powerful than most people realize. By dealing with these emotions often longstanding physical problems can be addressed. A significant topic in this class is that of “reactive” muscles. These are muscle problems that cause other muscles to be shut off or overpowered when used in sequence or combination with that muscle. You can have individual muscles that test strong by themselves. The 370-page class book, “Touch For Health, the complete edition” by John Thie & Matthew included.     

             TBD      8:30 am - 5:30 pm      Durango, CO      (16 CE's available)

Touch for Health Kinesiology Class Level 1 - In the first class we learn the basics of the body’s meridian (electrical-magnetic) system. Next we learn and practice the art of muscle testing. By proper testing of muscles we can detect imbalances within the meridians. Each of the 14 meridians power specific muscles which we isolate and test. Once we find the imbalances there are several techniques to correct and restore balance to the meridians and the body. We also learn several easy, fun self-help techniques which can be very helpful in dealing with stress or improve mind to body flow and integration. Surrogate testing is a technique we use to test those who are physically/mentally unable to be tested.

The 370-page class book, “Touch For Health, the complete edition” by John Thie & Matthew included.  

Durango, CO    (16 CE's available):


             TBD     8:30 am - 5:30 pm

Touch For Health Kinesiology Class - Level 4

FREE TUITION is available for anyone who hosts a class with a minimum of 4 paying students within a 30 mile radius of Durango, CO, or a minimum of 8 paying students outside of Southwestern Colorado. "Hosting" means you provide the location for the class and recruit the students - your friends, family, etc.

Although there is an arranged class schedule, I am open to setting up a class for three or more students by special request, on weekends or during the week.

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