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Touch For Health Kinesiology, is a healing therapy that balances the body through muscle testing.This is an active participation therapy in which the client is fully clothed and standing, sitting or lying down. 

The Touch For Health Kinesiology system balances our posture, attitude and energy. It releases stress both physically and emotionally and relieves aches, pains and dysfunctions that our body is experiencing. The system uses muscle tests and touch reflexes such as spinal reflex, neurolymphatics, neurovascular reflexes, emotional stress release, acupressure, and focus on the meridians to improve energy flow. This system also improves muscle function, brain function and promotes healing which boosts our immune system.

Kinesiology has many benefits. It works on helping us reach our optimum performance, achieve our personal best and overall wellness, and enjoy our life to the fullest! It is a holistic approach to health focusing on a restoration of our body’s natural energies. 


Touch For Health is a therapy style that can be taught to clients and practiced at home as an on-going health maintenance practice.

Still want to know more about Touch For Health? Click on the following link to read more about it. What is Touch For Health?

Touch For Health Kinesiology

Dr. John Thie demonstrates

a Touch for Health Balance.

TFH Kinesiology Sessions
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