What do Clients have to say?​

​The spirit with which Teresa approached our Reiki and Acupressure session was one of openness, love and caring, and her ability to attune herself to my presence was phenomenal.  She sensed my areas of stress and I could feel the warmth of healing energy flowing through her into me.  As she brought focus to the area around my head I felt a 'connected' and uplifting sensation of positive energy embracing me - truly amazing!  Teresa gave special attention to the chakra colors of my mood that day, and I was able to gain a better understanding of my personal path as she took time to reflect with me and share insight.  My experience was both spiritually and physically healing and restorative.                                                                                  - Nancy

I love getting a massage but haven't experienced a Reiki treatment before I went to Touchpoint Therapy. I found the experience relaxing, rejuvenating, and insightful. Teresa Jantz did a great job of letting me ask questions or be silent as I felt comfortable, and she game me a sense of the variety of things she was doing related to energy flow, places she felt I was blocked, and areas where she sensed tension in my body. The space is in a gorgeous setting surrounded by mountain views, and while the music played softly in the background and the fountain of water gurgled softly nearby as I lay on the therapy table in the Touchpoint Therapy studio, I felt tension I didn't know I had melt away. I would definitely recommend trying Touchpoint Therapy or giving a gift of a session to a friend or loved one. I only wish I lived closer so I could go on a regular basis.

                                                                                      - Melissa

A treasured glimpse into the next dimension.

                                                           - Janet

To be honest I don’t completely understand what it is that Teresa does…but what I do know, is that IT WORKS!!! My 8-year old daughter had been suffering from severe cold sores, headaches and some over all emotional issues. Teresa was at my home and I mentioned my concerns to her, about my daughter. She asked my permission to “work on” my daughter and see if she could help. It was interesting to watch and my daughter said it felt good but it was the days that followed that I could see major changes. My daughter seemed to emotionally level out, the healing of the cold sores became quite rapid and the headaches much less frequent!
            My second experience with Teresa was during a very stressful time in my life. I was working on a major project and it was deadline time, I was getting my family ready to move out of state in only a couple of days and wrapping up the final details of the purchase of a new home. I was spending the day as a volunteer at Cub Scout camp with my sons and a major part of my tooth broke off!!! (just typing all of this brings me stress!!!) Anyway, Teresa happened to be there at Cub Scout camp. After my tooth broke off I began to go into shock…but as all good mothers do I kept moving forward helping the boys with the different activities! Teresa aware of what I was dealing with and seeing that I was barely holding it together pulled me aside and began to “work her magic” (I’m sure there is a correct term for this, I just don’t know what it is.). WOW!!! She saved me that day! I began to feel calm, centered, clear and even strong! I don’t know what I would have done had she not been there to help me!
            I highly recommend Teresa’s services to anyone who is in need of emotional or physical healing!

                                                                                        - Diane

Teresa's aptitude is evident as she administers treatments with both compassion and reverence for the intuitive awareness held in the human body. She emanates a presence of peace and allows this to flow through her practice.

                                                                                                                     - Nancy

I felt like Teresa moved very intuitively, with my energy and she centered and focused that energy very effectively and gently.

                                                                                         - Kelly

What do Students Have to Say?

Did this workshop fulfill your expectations based on the class description provided by the teacher and the ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training)?       

- Yes, and more. 
- This class not only exceeded my expectations, it emulated the love and compassion Reiki represents.

- Yes, I wasn't sure what to expect but was made to feel very welcomed and included.

- Fully.

- More than expectations

- It actually exceeded my expectations.

- Yes! Wonderful & beautiful.

Was the instructor knowledgeable about the material presented?

- She is very articulate and willing to answer all questions. Very professional.

- Teresa is not only knowledgeable she is a teacher at heart. She took the time to make sure you understand.

- Absolutely.

- Definitely.

​- Very!

Did the instructor answer questions effectively and compassionately? 

- Teresa is a very compassionate person and allows you to feel safe asking questions and discussing experiences.

- Absolutely.

- Excellently - Extremely beneficial.

- She took the time to assure understanding was gained.

- Yes. She is a very loving intelligent person.

- Teresa's answers were given and then she made sure her answer was enough.

- Yes and with patience.

​- Yes, definitely.

Did the class provide sufficient hands on practice?

- Yes, lots of  good opportunity.

- Yes, the examples helped a lot.

- Yes, intimate group was very easy to open up.

- That and more.

​- Yes, a very precious experience.

- Yes, wasn't just all sitting.

- Yes. We went through all of the material required to get certified.

​- Very much so.

What was the most positive experience you had in this class?

- The warmth and caring of the instructor provided an open environment that felt safe to learn and try the techniques.

- Overall, I feel better - whole. I feel as though I was able to tap into a hidden energy and feel more enlightened. I hope to continue to foster this experience and knowledge.

- The connections I felt to my Reiki sisters. Teresa's honesty and willingness to explore with us and share openly. I felt a strong spiritual experience during the Ocean of Holy Love Experience meditation.

- Huge emotional, and surprising release.

- The experiences and ignitions were extremely wonderful experiences.

- The guided experiences were very unexpected experiences. I looked forward to the next one and what might happen.

​- Hands on experience!

- The freedom to ask questions, exchange experiences, hands on practice. In depth discussions on the various uses of Reiki with growth options.

- Connecting with the instructor, myself, others and the power of Reiki.

- The feeling of oneness throughout. 

- The two attunements I & II - felt like Heaven on Earth! They were absolutely beyond description.

- The support and compassionate caring of the instructor through all experiences.

- Being ignited to the Holy Fire.

Other comments: 

- Our group was very special and we all reached a personal healing in a supporting environment. 

- This was great!

- This lady has it together.

- ...very relaxing environment.

- I would recommend the class/teacher. Very positive, uplifting, happy and accepting.

- I will and have spoken positively to friends about Teresa's Reiki training.

- A dense presentation of material that flowed to completion - enlightened

- I was very comfortable and satisfied with my experience.

- Teresa is a very compassionate teacher. She gives clear and concise direction. I would gladly take another class from her.

- Provided growth and expansion

- It's an amazing, life changing experience that is deeply spiritual.


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