Quick and Easy Reiki Tips

1) Activate your shower head or bath water with the Reiki symbols that you know and feel the Reiki energy all over your body. Great way to clear!

​2) Cook with the symbols! Simply draw them while you are stirring your favorite food.

​3) Dance the Reiki symbols...there may be a new line dance there!

4) Envision all the Reiki symbols you know in the center of the room and simply walk through them to activate them all at once.

5) Become more acquainted with each symbol more deeply by focusing on one specific symbol per week.  Discover the characteristics, uses and energy. 

6) Draw the Reiki symbols at your front door and bless all those who walk through.

7) Charge your pets' water bowl with Reiki so they lap up good energy. Remember your water glass too!

8) Place the Reiki symbols on your pillow and bed before sleeping.

9) Sing the symbols to your plants when nobody can hear you and watch your plants flourish over time.

10) Paint the Reiki symbols on your walls, and then to honor and respect the symbols paint over them so you know they are there but nobody else can see them. Are your walls already painted? Use a paintbrush and water instead of paint.

Want more Reiki tips?

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