The following is a list of books that I have found helpful in my learning about Reiki. They are linked to to help facilitate finding them quickly and where you will be able to read what customers have reviewed about the books as well. Touchpoint Therapy, LLC does not profit monetarily in any way if you purchase any of these books or CDs. I posted them here only for your convenience and after I had several Reiki students request a list of these books and CDs.

The Inner Heart of Reiki: Rediscovering Your True Self 
by Frans Stiene

Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art 
by Diane Stein

Reiki for Life: The Complete Guide to Reiki Practice for Levels 1, 2 & 3
by Penelope Quest 

Self-Healing with Reiki: How to Create Wholeness, Harmony & Balance for Body, Mind & Spirit 
by Penelope Quest

The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui
by Mikao Usui and Christine M. Grimm

Animal Reiki: Using Energy to Heal the Animals in Your Life
by Elizabeth Fulton and Kathleen Prasad

Reiki For Dummies
by Nina L. Paul

The Reiki Touch: Complete Home Learning System
by William Lee Rand

Reiki Fire: New Information about the Origins of the Reiki Power: A Complete Manual (Shangri-La)
by Frank Arjava Petter

Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide
by Pamela Miles

The Reiki Sourcebook, Revised and Expanded
by Bronwen Stiene and Frans Stiene​

The Spirit of Reiki: From Tradition to the Present Fundamental Lines of Transmission, Original Writings, Mastery
by Walter Lubeck and Frank Arjava Petter

The Book on Karuna Reiki: Advanced Healing Energy for Our Evolving World
by Laurelle Shanti Gaia and Joan Rudholm

Reiki's Birthplace, A Guide to Kurama Mountain
by Jessica A. Miller and Barbara Mayer

The Healing Power of Reiki: A Modern Master's Approach to Emotional, Spiritual & Physical Wellness
by Raven Keyes

This is Reiki: Transformation of Body, Mind and Soul from the Origins to the Practice
by Frank Arjava Petter

An Evidence Based History of Reiki

The Reiki Teacher's Manual
by Tina Zion

A Modern Reiki Method for Healing
by Hiroshi Doi

​Reiki: A Practical Guide (The Healing series)
by Bill Waites and Master Naharo

Unconditional Reiki Free Yourself To Heal
by Laurelle Shanti Gaia

Empowerment Through Reiki: The Path to Personal and Global Transformation (Shangri-La Series)
by Paula Horan

Exploring Reiki
by Paula Lakshmi Horan

Reiki's Use in Dementia Patients and for their Caregivers  By Deborah Bier, PhD 

Reiki for Hospital Patients and Self-Care By Sharon Yeskel (Raritan Bay Medical Center, New Jersey)

Incorporate Reiki into your Yoga Journey  By Vineeta Sharma, Cape Breton Post (Nova Scotia, Canada)

​Reiki's effect on patients with total knee arthroplasty: A pilot study. By Bryn Mawr Hospital in Bryn Mawr, PA

​What Does the Research Say about Reiki?  By Pamela Miles

Reiki: A Hands-off, Hands-on Alternative Therapy  By Amy Nicholson

Paula Vail of Wellness Inspired to be Featured on CUTV News Radio   By Lou Ceparano, EIN News

How Reiki Works - The Science Bit  By Amanda Johnson

The Healing Power of Reiki  By Newsweek Special Edition

​Reiki Master Offers Relief for Chemo Side Effects  By Shaka L. Cobb (Georgia)

​The Soothing Power of Reiki  article from the New Hampshire Magazine

Demystifying Reiki  By Darcy Mason, Muskego, Wisconsin

Hands on with Reiki energy  By Pat Johnson (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Open Your Mind to the Universe  By Megha Dinesh, Hyderabad India

Health Beat: Reiki Master John Farrell  By Carol Buchanan (St. Croix)

Magic Medicine  By Collins Maina, The Gateway

Human touch is good for your mind, body, spirit  By Angela Bailey,

Suzette Martinez Standring: Reiki - healing energy  By Suzette Martinez Standring, SouthCoastToday (MA)

​Health Check: South County Hospital offers reiki therapy (video)  By Barbara Morse Silva, NBC 10 Health Check Reporter (Rhode Island)

Alternative thoughts  Delving into the world of alternative spirituality in Toronto  By Emmeline Molnar

Alternative medicine Reiki can be healing treatment  By Jennifer Huberdeau, The Bennington Banner Health (Vermont)

From Reiki To Neti Pots: 5 Popular ‘Alternative’ Health Practice  By Judy Molland, Care2

Healing Hands: Reiki master shares comfort with others  By Rachael Riley, Harker Heights Herald (Texas) 

A New Look at the Five Reiki Principles  By Neal Harris

Experimenting With Positive Vibes Working out your negative energy with Reiki  By Cristy Raposo, Providence Monthly 

Not-so-alternative medicine: Reiki, acupuncture offer treatment choices  By Tom Quinn, WorchesterMag (MA)

"Griffin Hospital to Offer Reiki" in Connecticut 

"Study shows Reiki can benefit women with cancer" - The Yorkshire Post

Reducing stress with Reiki  By Tim Parrish, For The Leaf-Chronicle (Tennessee)

The 3 Levels Of Reiki: What Are They & What Do They Mean?  By Sharna Langlais, MindBodyGreen 

Remarkable Reiki Invitation to Balance, Healing, and Happiness By Susannah Kent, Vitality Magazine (Canada)

Reiki Really Works: A Groundbreaking Scientific Study   By Green Lotus

This page is about Reiki for people with cancer. - Cancer Research UK

Types of Complementary and Alternative Medicine  By NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Health Library

In the Field: Reiki master sees results in practice  By Scott Scanlon, The Buffalo News

What is Reiki Slumber?  By Patricia Penner 

​Journey of self-discovery leads dentist to innovative patient care   By Felix Holoszyc-Pimentel, The Riverdale Press

Reiki Helps in Stress Reduction  By

What's Reiki All About? Read On!  By Fay Abrahamsson, CT

​​Energy therapies can help cancer patients heal  By Mayo Clinic News Network

Reiki Articles, Books & CDs

The body is made up of a variety of energy patterns, and Reiki is a Japanese energy work technique that keeps that energy in balance. A session treats you physically as well as mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Once learned, Reiki can be used for treating others and is also a wonderful tool to give self treatments. Reiki is a holistic approach to healing that addresses imbalances in the body, mind and spirit. 

Click on the links below to read more about Reiki and where it is being used around the world. Be sure to check back regularly since more links and information about Reiki will be added periodically. 

Reiki Chants CD
by Jonathan Goldman

Reiki: The Light Touch  CD
by Merlin's Magic

Reiki River

by Niall

Music to Journal By Vol. I (II, III & IV)

by Julie True

​Reiki Offering

by Nadama Shastro


Reiki Books

Links to More Articles

What Is Vibrational Healing
      Article from The Home of Vibrational Health
      by Mary Buchowski-Kurus


Vibrational healing is the way of the future. I truly believe that technological advances will soon provide the means which will allow scientific testing to validate the effects of these natural essences.


Vibrational healing is a process whereby vibrations are introduced or transferred into a human being’s physical and energetic bodies, so that the vibrations which have become unbalanced in the human physical or auric body are adjusted.  This is based on the idea that illness or disease in the human and auric body is characterized by blockages and imbalances.   These blockages and imbalances causes a cell, organ, system, or energetic body to slow it's vibration. Slow vibrations result in disease (dis-ease) or illness. The process of vibrational healing adjusts these unbalanced vibrations.

To be healthy, an individual needs to have a high rate of vibration in their physical and auric bodies. This vibration is nourished in many ways including what we think, feel, believe, see, hear, smell, touch, eat, drink, breathe, and are exposed to.  As an individual becomes ill their rate of vibration lowers.  As the rate of vibration lowers the individual becomes more susceptible to other negative energies and invaders and the cycle of poor health becomes self-perpetuating.

Many internal developments affect the rate of vibration of a human body.  Each cell, organ and system has its own vibration.  Each emotion that one feels, creates a separate vibration in the human body; each thought we have creates a unique vibration;  each color has its own vibration; every sound carries its own vibration; each smell has its own vibration. 

Many external factors affect the vibration of the human body.  We are bombarded with electromagnetic frequencies that can influence the vibrational rate of our physical and etheric bodies.  Each household appliance, television set, cell phone, microwave oven is sending out these vibrations. Mother Earth is surrounded by various electromagnetic grids that can also affect our vibrations.   Underground water can also disrupt the healthy vibration of the human system. And finally, there are many entities which can rest in our auras, homes and offices which can seriously affect our rates of vibration. The following provides a more detailed description of what can affect our vibrations and a brief look at different types of vibrational healing.

The relationship between the body, emotions, mind and spirit is not always with us.  The additional mystery of the relationship of Mother Earth and the broader Universe is also never ending. It’s quite fascinating to realize that the human body is able to automatically balance the complex world of internal and external vibrations and find its own equilibrium. Illness occurs when our vibrations become unbalanced and this equilibrium is disturbed.

Different Types of Vibrational Healing

Vibrational healing has been used for thousands of years in ancient civilizations. Egypt is said to have used sound and color for healing and that many of their healing centers had special rooms devoted only to healing with color and sound.  The Chinese have used acupuncture, another form of vibrational healing, for centuries.

In the United States today, acupuncture is becoming a much more common method for dealing with illness. Reiki, another form of vibrational healing is being practiced by many energy practitioners in North America and Europe today.  Homeopathy is another form of vibrational healing.  This uses the principle of "like cures like" and introduces minute amounts of certain substances at varying energy levels to activate the healing vital force of the human body. A simple form of hands on healing is another form of vibrational healing.  An individual places their hands so that their vibration which is stronger, is transferred into an individual who has been weakened or fatigued. There are many other examples of vibrational healing which work effectively.

What is Different Today from 25 Years Ago

The living environment in the year 2000 is very different from the environment in the 1930s. One only has to look at the chemicals, metals, parasites worms viruses infectious bacteria and fungus that humans are exposed to on a daily basis to begin to understand some of these differences.  This exposure is caused by many factors: the world grows, processes and handles foods for distribution without all the necessary safeguards; the water is often polluted; many chemicals are used to grow and preserve the food we eat;   people are traveling to far distant places, exposing themselves to various types of invaders for which their bodies do not have immunity. 

Many of the vibrational healing processes and medical methods used to date are not able to drain off or to detoxify and cleanse the human cells, organs and systems of the many toxins and invaders which are causing these health problems.  And the human body and aura does accumulate many of these invaders and toxins.

In addition, humans have abdicated responsibility for their health to the medical profession. They have not looked carefully to learn how to support their personal health and to accept full responsibility for their health.  The health care systems and Medicare programs are critical to all individuals everywhere.  However, in parallel, each individual needs to look at personal responsibility for their own personal health.

Flower, Tree and Gem Essences

Flower, tree and gem essences are a very powerful form of vibrational healing.  In the 1930s Dr. Edward Bach pioneered the development of flower essences. He created 38 different essences to adjust emotional and mental imbalances since he believed that these would directly or indirectly affect all types of illness.  This was based on the premise that all illness is created by emotions.  Today many have expanded the work of Dr. Bach to accommodate the needs of the 21st century.

An essence is simply the energetic imprint of a flower, tree leaf, or gem or crystal which has been transferred into water.  This vibration is normally sealed in the water with some alcohol.  There are many different ways of making essences.  Gurudas in his book called "Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing" provides us with a basic methodology. 

Mary Kurus makes flower, tree and gem essences, called Choming Essences, shamanically. This means that these essences have amazing healing powers from the Universe, including the sun, moon, stars, and many other energies from the broader Universe."  The personal energy vibration of the individual making the essence can seriously affect the healing power of the essence, enhancing it or reducing its ability to adjust vibrations. Choming Essences are all made by me personally to ensure they have the vibration which is specified.

Today, there are many types of flower, tree, and gem essences which can meet the complex needs of living in today's world. Many essences can detoxify the cells, organs and systems.  They can release blockages in the chakras and aura.  They can literally change how you look at the world.  They can set up a vibration that parasites, worms and viruses cannot live in. They can adjust many modern day emotional states including stress and depression.   They can provide support while experiencing special times of emotional upheaval including grieving many losses. 

Flower, tree and gem essences can provide support to other modalities of healing.  How many individuals in therapy have heard that they are stuck and are unable to move forward. Essences can energetically help someone identify and unblock their emotions providing a powerful support to therapy.

How to Select an Essence

There are many ways to choose an essence that are appropriate at any time.

Using a pendulum or dowsing allows your energetic body to tell you which essence or combination of essences you need. The Vibrational Assessmentidentified in this web site uses dowsing to identify the imbalances and a program of essences.

The traditional approach is still an appropriate and effective way to identify the essence you need.  You read the description of the essence and match it up to the difficulties you wish to address. Choming Essences are divided into subgroups to help an individual identify the area of difficulty and then match the symptoms with the essence. The groupings in Choming Natural Essences are as follows:

  • Change and Transformation
  • Cleansing and Detoxification
  • Depression
  • Emotional Healing
  • Females, Males and Yin/Yang
  • Grounding
  • Healing For The Mind
  • Physical healing
  • Psychic Strengthening and Connecting
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality and Healing
  • Stress

If you have a favorite flower, gem, or tree, or are regularly attracted to a particular flower or gem or tree, it is more than likely that an essence of this natural organism will be very effective in your personal healing.  This is often the way that our subconscious works to communicate our needs to a more conscious level.

Kinesiology is another way of asking your energetic body to identify which essence is required at that specific time.

Intuition is also a very powerful method in choosing essences. At times there is just a "knowing" in a person and they feel strongly that they need to take a specific essence.  It's important to respect and nurture selection through intuition.

The homeopathic method is being used to help identify the most appropriate essence.  This involves the process of proving each essence and identifying symptoms experienced by the "provers".  These symptoms are then matched to the individuals symptoms to select the most appropriate essence.Type your paragraph here.

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