Kinesiology FAQ's

Touch For Health Kinesiology is the most comprehensive of the modern natural therapies. It focuses on removing the underlying cause of illness, versus treating the symptoms. Kinesiology allows you to take charge of the way you relate to the past, your present circumstances, and your future.

Here are some of the questions our clients have asked.  They may help you to get a better understanding about kinesiology and how it is different from other therapies.

How might Kinesiology help me?

What is Kinesiology?

What is its basis?

How does it work?

So how do you treat my problem?

Why is it so effective?

What happens to me during a session?

What makes Touch For Health Kinesiology different from other natural therapies? 

How might Kinesiology help me? 

What is some of the research that has been done on Touch For Health Kinesiology?

Overall Life Performance

Enhances memory and learning in adults and children
Improves athletic performance
Facilitates artistic process
Integrates the mind-body connection
Releases past physical and emotional traumas

Physical Body

Alleviates pain
Helps to restore balance and function in the body
Sports injuries
Chronic health issues
Re-occurring problems
Optimizes your personal nutrition plan
Identifies food or environmental allergies
Helps to resolve allergic or sensitivity reactions
Identifies energy problems behind unresolved issues

Mental/ Emotional Body

Emotional re-patterning
Release emotional responses to stressors
Release sabotage programs and bad habits
Cultivate change to positive habits
Release mental block, writer's block, stage fright, or other performance anxieties
Stimulate and integrate right-left brain function

Spiritual Body (with respect to your beliefs)

Identify sourced of spiritual distress
Facilitate resolution of spiritual issues
Facilitate spiritual connection and integration
 What is Kinesiology? 
Kinesiology is a comprehensive systematic method of analyzing the body, its various function, and the flow of energy through it. In Oriental Medicine this energy is called Chi. It uses muscle testing as a way of assessing the flow of energy (Chi) through the acupressure meridians, and the various body systems. Once an imbalance is identified the best methods of correcting the imbalance, specific for that unique individual, is also identified and used to restore balance. These methods are non-invasive, simple and highly effective. 

What is its basis? 
It draws upon Chinese Medicine, a model that has been researched and documented for thousands of years, and it also integrates the latest in advanced neurology, thus blending the best of ancient and present science.

How does it work? 
Oriental Medicine believes that we are constantly shifting our various energies to adapt to the stressors of life to keep ourselves alive and functioning at our best. When that process is impaired for any reason, the flow of Chi is disrupted, and our ability to cope and survive is harmed, leading to illness. Kinesiology focuses on helping to remove the energy blocks and to restore and improve the positive flow of energy. This restoration of positive Chi allows the body to function at its best and to heal itself.So how will you treat my problem? 
[Steve Woodward explains muscle testing and flow of Chi to a student.] Kinesiology does not treat the symptoms or signs of named diseases. Instead kinesiologists look at the whole person, and think in terms of the entire being. If there is a problem in any area it can lead to Chi being blocked or misdirected. This results in a "short circuit' or a "bug in the software" and the massive bio-computer that is our body no longer works properly. As the body attempts to compensate for the short circuit it may overload another circuit and thereby "trip another circuit breaker", and then drain another circuit, etc., etc… When this chain reaction is over the result is often multiple problems in several areas. By clearing the "short circuits" or "debugging the software" we allow the body's energies to flow properly, work at their best, and let the body heal itself.

Why is it so effective? 
Most other health care systems concentrate on only one aspect of the body, and forget that all systems aspects are interconnected. This results in an unbalanced or a one-sided view of health and disease.

What happens to me during a session? 
After establishing a goal for the session, we determine several measurable benchmarks related to the goal so we have a focus to work on, and a objective gauge with which to measure your progress. An assessment of the body's energies is then done by testing muscles for each of the major acupressure meridians. This is done by applying gentle pressure while you attempt to hold the muscle in position. This is not painful or strenuous, and takes place fully clothed. Once the initial energy pattern is identified, we then test various acupressure points and circuits to find, then fix, the problems related to the goal. This testing uses the same gentle pressure technique as before. Once all the circuits are cleared and the body's energies are balanced we go back to the benchmarks that we established earlier to prove that the entire system is now "on-line" and that the problem activities are now improved or eliminated. We then work with you to create a plan to help you gain control of your energies and convert them to positive outcomes, long after the session is over.

What makes Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP) different from other natural therapies? 
PKP is an internationally certified curriculum that is overseen by the International College of Kinesiology in Switzerland. The faculty consists of medical doctors (MD), chiropractic doctors (DC), and other professionals who ensure a consistently high standard of scientific scrutiny and quality.

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